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Updated July, 2006
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    The Illinois Safety Council Board of Directors look on as fellow ISC Board member Mike Connors, OSHA Region 5 Administrator gave the kick off of the ISC May 2006 Safety Conference. Mr. Connors praised the ISC's initiatives in developing Safety Industry Associations. The ISC industry associations will assist those in safety in the service, manufacturing and the business industries partner directly with those in their fields of safety. The aim of the ISC is to bring safety persons together from like industries to further the cause of safety.

To Our Members and Friends,

  The Illinois Safety Council announces their "Safety Industry Associations" as the newest ISC member benefit. Those in safety, occupational health, risk management, emergency planning, industrial hygienists, environmental and their staffs are invited to join as charter members of these industry associations. These member driven groups will provide you with:

  1. Networking with the safety peers of your own industry
  2. "Round Table Discussions" to discuss your industry's safety needs and solutions
  3. Provide a forum to contribute to the safety of your industry or organization
  4. Recognition opportunities for individuals and organizations
  5. Training for your own industry or organization

  There is a place for you and others in your organization in one of the eleven ISC's industry associations. To join your organization needs to have an ISC membership. By attending ISC training and meeting you will become a charter member. Kick off meetings are being planned for this fall and winter. Call us or E-mail me directly for an update.

  The "ISC Safety Industry Association" area is being developed as a member benefit for you. If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete and submit this form to register.

David L. McIntosh
Director of Membership
Illinois Safety Council
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