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ISC Membership Welcome Information

We welcome you as a new member of the Illinois Safety Council (ISC). The ISC wants to be your organizations first choice for all your safety needs. The ISC will assist you with:

  1. Keeping your employees safe and your place of business hazard free

  2. Providing you with the resources to stay OSHA compliant

  3. Increase your revenue/production by eliminating injuries and their medical costs

NEW -- ISC On-site Emergency Response Planning Guide

If your organization has 10 or more employees you need to have emergency/disaster plans in place before an incident occurs. The ISC “Guide” comes with easy to follow software that as you complete the questions you develop your own emergency response for your facility. Planning will keep your employees and facilities safe during emergencies.

(Learn about the On-Site Emergency Response Guide...)

NEW -- Illinois Safety Council Safety Associations

The Illinois Safety Council is excited to report member companies of the Council will be able to take part in joining (without an additional membership fee) networking groups that will be called “Safety Associations." These “Safety Associations” will be industry-driven and will provide your safety department and human resource staff the following: 

  1. Networking with the safety peers of your industry

  2. Roundtable discussions to discuss your industry's safety needs and solutions

  3. A forum to contribute to the safety of your industry or organization

  4. Individual new recognition opportunities  

  5. Training for your industry or organization

NEW -- Become an ISC “Registered On-Site Emergency Planner"

For those who use the  “Illinois Safety Council On-site Emergency Planning Guide” and follow our recommendations, they may qualify as a “Registered Emergency Planners” through the Illinois Safety Council.  Being registered shows commitment and sends a message to your employees and customers safety is important and that your business is prepared for an incident. 

NEW -- Illinois Safety Council Offers Three Ways to Get Trained

The 1st way on a monthly basis the Council offers “SAFETY BREAKfast Meetings” on various safety topics.  The 2nd way is the Council is scheduling open enrollment “Safety Training” classes.  The 3rd way we provide  “On-site training” for our members upon their request.

The ISC is planning to bring its training to Effingham County starting in January 2006!

(See the ISC Training Calendar...)

NEW -- Illinois Safety Council Safety Awards Program

As a member of the ISC you are eligible to participate in the “Outstanding Safety Performance Award” program.  In this program you compete against your own safety record from the previous year.  The Council is also developing several new award programs that will recognize “safety and health awareness outreach” efforts of member companies that promote employee or public safety.

ISC Safety Video Library -- Over 300 Titles

Another member benefit is the Illinois Safety Council has one of largest safety video libraries in the country. The Council has over 28 categories of videos and over 300 titles. Videos are the perfect way to generate safety awareness every month.

Member $30
Non-Member $50
Shipping & Handling $7 per video

(Browse the video library...)

Contact Us

If you have questions please feel to contact me. 


 David McIntosh
ISC Director of Membership and Services
(312) 372-9756 or

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