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Updated February, 2006
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On-Site Emergency Response Planning Guide

The 130-page ISC "On-site Emergency Response Planning Guide" is now available form the Council. The "Guide" explains the how's and why's of emergency planning. The software that is included allows the user to follow simple steps to write their own customized plan. The plan is designed to achieve OSHA compliance and provides information to conduct hazard assessments, drill exercises and a exam to be given to employees. The offering of the "Guide" is made possible through the National Safety Council.

To order the "Guide" call (312) 372-9756 or E-Mail ISC.

The cost of the "Guide" for members is $65, for non-members $85.

Life Safety Preparedness

Six steps to prepare for workplace emergencies

OSHA requires that all facilities have an evacuation plan. Working with your facility manager, it�s your responsibility to be prepared to exit safely and quickly in an emergency. Download this guide to review it, and ask your supervisor for all procedures that apply to you.

Online Safety Training Virtual University

Offered in partnership with 360Training.com

Now you have a convenient and engaging way to receive education credits anytime, anywhere! Browse our course catalog and select a course to experience the power of online education anytime, anywhere.

Illinois Safety Council's Virtual University

"UR Safety�" Plant Railway Switching Safety Training Program Kit

Telly Awards Winner!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on an annual basis there are 83 fatal accidents and several thousand lost-time injuries experienced by employees who switch rail cars. An equally big problem is property damage to buildings, structures, vehicles and other rail cars that often go unreported.

Developed by the Union Tank Car Company's Safety Department, the Safety Training Program Kit will help you prevent rail car switching accidents to save lives, time and money through training, testing and documented incident reporting.

The complete kit costs $395 and includes an 18-minute video tape, six lesson workbooks, six rule books, one Instructor's Guide, and other training aides; and extra copies of student materials are available for a nominal fee.

Call, mail or fax your order for the Plant Railway Switching Safety Training Program Kit to the Illinois Safety Council today!

Illinois Safety Council
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OSHA 5-Year Plan

From the June 3, 2003 ISC program

Download the 'PDF' file that depicts OSHA's 5-Year Plan

DownLoad PDF

Visit here to view the poster and learn how you can get your free copy.

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